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Mass tort litigation has grown over the last decade and poses a serious threat to many businesses nationwide.  Businesses face the risk of massive exposure due to claims of illness, injury, and death as a result of exposure to their products, notwithstanding legislative efforts at tort reform.  Christopher L. Kurzner has a history of successfully defending companies against these types of potentially devastating lawsuits.

Kurzner PC has experience defending products and general liability tort claims, and has counseled clients in the manufacturing, restaurant, and the food & beverage industries to successfully resolve these type of claims.  Kurzner PC attorneys have defended major corporations in trials throughout Texas, but we also have successfully managed a large numbers of claims and cases that we were able to resolve before trial and the filing of any lawsuit.  Kurzner PC’s attorneys adopt strategies best suited to meet the needs of our clients and tailor our approach to each matter based upon the unique circumstances presented.  We remain prepared to respond at a moment’s notice to an incident or outbreak to help clients avoid costly lawsuits even before they filed and address the potential for adverse publicity and governmental intervention associated with such matters.

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