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Kurzner PC is a trusted advisor to clients on matters related to the insurance industry.  Kurzner PC represents insurance companies regarding all aspects of insurance law: from regulatory matters to coverage evaluation, from collection issues to bad faith claims.  In addition to direct insurance company representation, we represent major corporations in court, protecting them from claims from a wide variety of insured losses, as well as advising them on issues involving coverage or potential coverage of claims.  Our experience includes:

Product liability/mass tort litigation.  Kurzner PC has years of experience defending general and strict liability claims as well as the unique challenges that mass tort claims present.

Professional liability.  Kurzner PC defends professionals against allegations of negligence in the performance of their practices, including (for example) real estate inspectors, interior designers, architects, engineers, and attorneys.

General liability.  Kurzner PC defends self-insured companies on general liability matters.  In addition, Kurzner PC is the trusted advisor of insurance companies to represent their insureds on general liability matters of all types, including personal injury, property damages, and other casualty matters.

Transportation.  Kurzner PC has a history of success defending transportation clients and clients with vehicle fleets against casualty claims for property damage, personal injury, and wrongful death.

Kurzner PC also protects client interests in the areas of subrogation, workers compensation, personal injury, product liability, and sexual harassment. 

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