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As a firm with its primary focus on litigation, Kurzner PC has an experienced appellate practice.  Our appellate lawyers have experience in the Texas intermediate courts of appeal, as well as the Supreme Court of Texas.  In addition, our appellate attorneys have handled appeals in the U.S. Third, Fifth, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeals, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and the United States Supreme Court.

Kurzner PC’s experience and success in the appellate arena provides a unique advantage to its clients when they fact the perils of litigation.  Our early focus on appellate issues significantly increases the odds for success for our clients.  Our attorneys are experts on preservation of error during trial, motions for summary judgment, expert witness challenges, directed verdict motions, preparations of jury charges and proposed findings and conclusions in bench trials, motions for new trial, and other post-trial motions.

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